Environmentally Conscious Design | deSter

A sustainable take on take-out coffee.

Coffee has never been this popular and its consumption is soaring these days. Whether you’re in for a cuppa, some bean juice, a cup of Joe, or a refined designer caffeine infusion, chances are you’ve had it on-the-go. So what about the cup it’s served in?

Regular take-out coffee cups still have a plastic lamination on the inside to prevent leakage. This lamination however makes recycling very difficult.

As part of our new ECD philosophy, every new product we design and manufacture is assessed from an environmental point of view, taking into consideration not only the material it is made of, but most importantly its complete life-cycle and recycling options.

This is why we have developed a coffee cup made entirely from renewable, biobased materials. Including an innovative, fully biodegradable lamination on the inside.

The new biodegradable lamination significantly improves the cup’s recyclability as it will be able to pass through the recycling process more easily. Additionally, in case it does end up in nature due to improper disposal*, it will however fully biodegrade without causing harm to the environment since it biodegrades completely at normal temperatures, without requiring industrial composting facilities.

Our new biodegradable cup is designed to fit the circular economy and offers coffee aficionados an eco-friendly alternative to drink their favourite beverage in a responsible way!  Together we can make a difference, one cup at a time!